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Automatic Tapping Machine AST-10,15,30,50

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Model AST-10,15,30,50



Cebtrifugal Chuck (PAT.No.836474)

To adopt a Centrifugal Chuck makes it possible to revolve the work piece itself without revolving the tap. And the tap can get automatically to the center of the work piece by the action of Spring of Tap Stopper. Then the Machine can automatically tap the work pieces with accuracy in the course of revolution of them. This unique method of tapping will surely give you satisfaction.

Shutter Device (PAT.No.86210)

When the work pieces are extremely thine ( under 1.5mm ), the falling-down of work piece will occur in the Chute, but by use of Shutter Device which prevents the falling-down of work piece by pushing the work piece with an opposite side of the pushing rod, it can be completely kept off.

Turning Device (PAT.No.86208)

When the whole length of work pieces is longer than the diameter, they are automatically fed into the Chute longitudinally, and the Turning Body turns by 90°and then forward into the chuck. By this way the Machine can perform tapping the work piece with up to about 30mm long.

Turning Device (PAT.No.86208)

When the whole length and diameter of work pieces are same, they drop automatically into the inlet of Chte from Hopper after lining them up longitudinally. Then the Turning Device can tap in the Hopper without any trouble.

Rotary Hopper

This Hopper is used for when it is impossible to operate tapping machine with a normal hopper for T nuts automatically.

Change of Tap

You can easily change the tap without any tools. Fall the Tap Stopper backwards by hand, and the tap can be extracted from the spindle only by hand easily.

Easy Change of Set

ASANO Automatic Tapping Machine can perform many kinds of round and square nuts only by an easy change of set. ASANO Automatic Tapping Machine can also perform tapping of plastic materials.

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